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The Hope Dealer Project

Today is day eight of the A-Z Challenge. Are you blogging the Challenge? Are you keeping up? Today is the day for the letter H and a guest post from a local group in Martinsburg, The Hope Dealer Project bringing the hope of recovery to our town and to those families and those suffering from substance abuse here. This is about three amazing women here who all work full-time jobs and still have time to operate a nonprofit organization. I am honored today to tell you about The Hope Dealer Project.


Once a parent becomes aware that their beautiful child is an addict... hopefully, we will learn the truth about the impending situation sooner rather than later. Here are some truths that I have
learned: Parents are enablers, I cannot fix it, my child may lie, my child may steal, others don't want them around, I may have to ask them to leave the home, life will never be the same. 

When we begin the terrible journey of turmoil and horrific consequences that the life of an addict involves, we are forced to learn and try to understand. It is only then that we are able to empathize with the addict while making sure that we take the time to "save ourselves" 

As parents, we will do ANYTHING to take away the pain and smooth the road for our loved ones, but we must be aware of certain truths because even as we struggle against the truth, we find that we're we are powerless. We accept what wish was not true. By accepting the truth, we can begin to help the addict by helping ourselves.

The Hope Dealer Project was founded in 2015 after fighting addiction with loved ones for over 8 years and... then a fatal overdose of a loved one. The overwhelming sadness and helplessness one feels when this happens is indescribable. We want to make sure that NO ONE ever has to go through this alone! There are resources and support available.

Three women, Lisa Melcher, Tina Stride and Tara Diggs Mayson are all natives of the Martinsburg area. We have all dealt with addiction of loved ones. Together we have over 25 years of experience. 

We are all horrified at this epidemic we find friends, loved ones and the citizens of Martinsburg in and we will no longer accept it. We are fixing the things we can no longer accept! The women who make up The Hope Dealer Project are extremely passionate about helping others because of our up close and personal experiences with drug addiction of loved ones and how difficult it is to not only service the destruction, but to learn to thrive.

THE HOPE DEALER PROJECT is a newly formed non-profit organization located right here in Martinsburg, WV. Their aim is to serve the client who is struggling with drug addiction. We want them to know that they are NEVER alone and we will stay with them throughout their recovery journey. We will provide the very best resources and facilitate the life skills and therapy needed to live a fulfilling, well-rounded life. However, THEY will have to do the work, push through the tough times and complete the programs. The Hope Dealer Project will provide recovery resources, handle communication and facilitation with the detox centers and rehabs. We will stay in contact with the client to provide ongoing encouragement and support.

We are working with as many local organizations as possible to ensure that our efforts are concrete and helpful to many. Some people have no one to turn to…now they do!

The Hope Dealer Project will also be opening transitional housing to serve those who are in need of housing after the detox and rehab stages. The Hope Dealer Project will facilitate a program for continued sobriety and life-long skills. Classes & programs will consist of regular N/A meetings, spiritual counseling; community service along with music and art therapy. We also plan to have participants work their recovery by giving back to the community in many creative ways.

It’s time to take back our City and our Citizens! If you are seeking help for your addiction or you have a loved one who suffers from addiction, you can reach out to them at any of the information listed below. For more information on this local non-profit organization or if you would like to make a donation to this organization, contact them today.

The Hope Dealer Project is currently planning an event, The 1st Annual CommunityRecovery Event Please visit this link to their event page for more information.

Remember, There is always HOPE!
Feel free to reach out. Message us Today!

Please visit their Facebook @ The Hope Dealer Project
You can call The Hope Dealer Project @ 844-383-4673
Their email address is:

Visit their web page @ The Hope Dealer Project
Don't Be Alone! Sending you much love and understanding.

Let me know what you think by dropping a comment. I hope you come back tomorrow to read my post on Things I Learned From My Addict: The Insanity of Loving a Heroin Addict. 

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